It is a difficult task to handle and collect data from so many meters in so different and dispersed environments. Utilities needs to collect data in a fast, reliable and inexpensive manner.  The CleverMetering platform is there to fulfill these requirements.

The energy market is vivid, full of competition and frequent changes. Utilities and Energy Suppliers/Traders that fight to survive in this business environment need to know how much energy is consumed by their customers and when, in order to quickly adapt to market trends and offer the best possible deal to their consumers, in almost real-time conditions. At the same time, it is vital for them to differentiate their offerings and improve the company image towards the end customer.

By implementing the CleverMetering platform, a utility can achieve its goals in a robust and cost effective way.  EMM can easily monitor the energy consumption of each customer, either via an existing electricity, gas or water meter or, in case of electricity only, directly from the energy supply cables using current transformers.  The end user can have instant information from the LCD screen of the EMM regarding instant power, daily or monthly consumption and the active tariff or even through the Mobile Apps.  The energy information is also transmitted to the ePortal via an existing WiFi/Ethernet connection or through 3G/GPRS, if Internet access is not available.  The ePortal will then collect the data, make appropriate calculations and then enable the utility to have a full picture of the consumption of their customers.  At the same time, the customer can access the ePortal in order to have a simple or detailed report regarding his energy usage, his bill, his customer profile and any other energy related information.