Either it is solar or wind or biomass, renewable energy sources are usually distributed and dispersed over large areas.  Both investors and technical administrators need to have a clear and total picture of the production and efficiency of their power plants, irrespective of place or time.

Today more and more investors and end users are getting involved with the production of green energy.  Green energy power plants (PV, wind turbines or biomass units) are usually located in a distributed manner according to the availability of the natural resources involved and the availability of the electricity network.  It is therefore difficult for the end user/investor to have a concentrated overview of their production and operation, unless there is a system that can universally monitor their output and efficiency.

The CleverMetering bundle of products meets exactly this requirement.  EMM in cooperation with ePortal, provide the required information to monitor the energy production of any number of power plants no matter where they are located.  EMM-200 will collect energy data from the utility meter, any other meter installed at the power plant or through Current Transformers and at the same time can also collect information from other sensors such as temperature, wind speed and light intensity.  This information will following be channeled through any available internet connection (3G/GPRS, WiFi present etc.).  ePortal then takes over, by collecting and presenting the data in a simple, uniform and easy to understand way.  It will also notify the user via email or SMS regarding the daily production of each plant or in the case that a production plant does not produce as much energy as expected.