The electricity bill of a household can sometimes be an unpleasant experience.  The rising energy prices as well as the complex billing tariffs that modern utilities follow may lead to increased energy bills.  In order to avoid excessive charges but also to improve the carbon footprint of the household, CleverMetering products can be used to make it happen.

EMM can actively monitor the energy usage of the household with electricity being monitored from the utility meter or directly using current transformers, while gas and water consumption can also be recorded from the corresponding utility meters. All this information is channeled through the home WiFi/Ethernet network to the ePortal system. From there, the user can access all historical data, verify his utility bills, check the energy consumption of home appliances and also get emails and SMS notifications regarding any excessive consumptions.

In addition, the end user can access his energy data through specially designed mobile apps for Android and iPhone platforms.  This way users can have immediate access to their energy consumption data wherever/whenever.

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