Facility Management

Taking care of the needs of a building or an installation usually includes taking care of the energy bill as well.  CleverMetering is the ultimate tool for doing the job easily and efficiently.

Buildings are large energy consumers making the ability to energy cost control a hidden opportunity.

In most cases, people that use the facilities are not the ones that pay the energy bill so they tend not to be very "careful" with the energy they consume.  As such the facility manager needs to have a system that will monitor energy usage and enable the formation of the appropriate energy policies when needed as well as monitoring if these policies are being followed. At the same time, it can be used as a tool for verification of the energy bill or for billing the energy consumed by tenants (Tenant Billing).  

The CleverMetering bundle of products offers maximum efficiency and flexibility to facility managers around the world, enabling them to have the full picture of energy flows at the touch of a button.  By implementing the EMM concentrators together with the powerful ePortal suite, any piece of energy-related information is only a few clicks away for the end user.

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