Mobile Apps

As users are shifting towards smartphones and mobile tablets it is becoming possible to be able to deliver data about their energy consumptions whenever / wherever. CleverMetering offers a series of applications for the Android and iPhone platforms that fit different requirements from different users and also a set of APIs that developers can use for their own applications.

Our Mobile Apps differ from the traditional Internet Web browsing experience (our ePortal platform can be viewed easily on a mobile device), in that they present energy data as it is being created in "near real time". The Mobile Apps connect to EMM's that are retrieving energy data on the spot, query them for the data that is being retrieved and present immediately the information to the user.

This design offers our Mobile Apps to satisfy customer requirements in the following scenarios:

  1. In house displays wher the user can actively see the results of his energy consumption behavior
  2. Facility Management, where the facility manager can view on the move what is happening in the facilities installations
  3. Energy producers, who can view the production of e.g. their PV parks

Our Mobile Apps framework also exposes a series of API's that developers can use in order to develop their own applications.

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