Energy data comes in a variety of values and usually at large amounts! To have any real and practical value this data must be concentrated and processed in an easy and human ready way. ePortal is the window that users have to their energy data with a multitude of available reports and drill down functionalities that enables them to dug out the information that is really important.

Based on Microsoft .Net technology ePortal offers a wide range of options for both the user (Dashboards, custom reports, gauges, Excel and pdf exports etc.), but also a series of capabilities for interconnection with third party systems through Web Services API's (e.g. retrieval of values from a specific meterpoint in an XML file).

ePortal utilizes role based security allowing for different users of the same customer to have different views of the data (e.g. one user can see the entire energy dataset while another can only view a specific meter point). Security is also paramount in the ePortal design as customer data is completely separated (physically and logically) from other customers data thus ensuring complete confidentiality of the meter data.

ePortal also has an extensive notifications system allowing the user to create rules and criteria, that when met will lead to a notification either through email or through SMS.

ePortal is available either as a hosted solution where the entire infrastructure is hosted in clevermetering datacenters and access is provided per customer request (through a web browser or web service) and also as a standalone version that can be installed in the customer premises.


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