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In the rapidly changing Energy Business it is critical to be ahead of your competition.

To do this you need to choose between a variety of different products and solutions that exist in the market. A decision that will affect how you will better understand your customers and your opportunities.

ΕΜΜ is used in smart-metering systems for automated data reading and processing of electricity, gas and heat meters and optionally data transmission to energy portals or/and smartphone applications.  As a product it differentiates from the competition on its open architecture (been able to easily adapt to specific customer requirements) and its price/quality ratio.

It is widely used by integrators that build their own S/W solutions, energy suppliers that need access to their customers data quickly and efficiently, facility managers that need to track their customers infrastructure, renewable investors that need to monitor their production and utilities that need another approach to traditional smart metering solutions.

By introducing EMM into your metering requirements the solution will provide you with the necessary insight to your business, giving you the power of being ahead of your competition.

Functionality Ability Further Notes
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g (Microchip Wi-Fi Module)
Ethernet Standard Ethernet Cable
RS485 Serial communication interface
8 Digital Inputs Meter Pulse Output Readings or any other digital output
4 Analog Inputs Capable of reading Temperature and Humidity sensors etc.
1 Digital Output Can be used to control e.g. relays for energy management applications
SD Card Providing "Unlimited" storage capacity
15' Load Profile
15'' Integration
AMR Enabled Posting to an AMR system either through Web Services or custom TCP/IP protocol
Email SMTP report delivery
FTP Posting to FTP server
Messages Customizable messages and messages posted from a central system to the LCD
API EMM opens a TCP Socket at port 1503 with a set of commands (Day Price, Total Energy etc.)
127.00 x 190.50 x 44.45 mm (L x W x H) mm
LCD 16x2 character LCD module with YG backlight
Clock Real-time internal clock
Battery  5 hours lifetime
Web Server Internal HTTP Web Server used for configuration
Power 230 VAC (switched mode power supply)
Housing Sealable IP65 on request
Certification CE
Work Temperature range  -20...+50oC
Buttons WiFi and Full Reset Buttons
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